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Tolose – Designing Chimneys

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The basic idea for the Designing Chimneys video we owe to a Ramadan-ridden Syrian cab-driver who let us buy the exquisite oriental beats mix-tape he played for us during our ride through Damascus; it was decorated with the great 80ies hot-air-balloon prints we let the band ride in through the multitude of comicy, fairytalish, dystopian or intoxicated sceneries that accompany the soundscape of the song.
The collaged imagery derives from all sources we could get our thievish hands on; old postcards, posters & papers, friends face-book-foto-albums, random peoples Flickr accounts and of course I-Stock stock (the neat watermarks are all included).
We had our fun drawing additional visuals from the Best Of gallery of our useless art-school education and other popular culture trash baskets and so the worlds second most annoying fish Nemo gets eaten by Hirst’s poetic formaldehyde-shark and general MacArthur exchanges his victorious cigar with Magritte’s non-existent pipe; we have Koons poppy dine on cat-food in the disco while his rabbit step dances with fair Bavarian Bier-Mädchen. The tiling of the disco sequence has been generously provided by Warhol, Mondrian & Dali.
Bush & other favourite Russian dictators all take their fall (into the ocean pit or otherwise) before the balloon disappears back into the ear channel of revived Financial crisis hero Marx.
When Simon asked us to do a video for Tolose the relative spatial distance between Copenhagen and Berlin formed a little bump on the road. Through modern day miracles like digicams & Email, along with the friendly intervention of Mr. Malmkvist & his blue box we were able to slip his stop motion sequences of the band members smoothly into our all-fake universe.

Song: Simon Lambrecht Finne & TOLOSE
Lyrics: Simon Lambrecht Finne

Video: Fru Dal & Daniel Franke
Stop Motion Photos: Jesper Malmkvist



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